A flat without a land and mortgage register

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Buying an apartment is one of the most important decisions for many of us. The very decision to take a mortgage must be well thought out because the repayment of the commitment is a prospect of many years. A mortgage – as the name implies – is a loan secured by a real estate mortgage. We can only put it on the land and mortgage register. It also allows us to determine the legal status of the property.

When we choose the location of interest to us, before making a purchase, we should carefully analyze who is the real owner, or whether the property is not, e.g. encumbered. It is also possible for us in the land and mortgage register. But what if the property we are interested in does not have it? Is a mortgage possible without a land and mortgage register?

Land and Mortgage Register – what is it?

Land and Mortgage Register - what is it?

Land and mortgage registers are one of the most important real estate documents – both apartments, houses, and plots. They contain the legal status of real estate and data, including owner or area. They consist of four chapters in which we distinguish:

  • Chapter I – information about the property (area, the layout of the building, access to the parking lot, etc.)
  • Chapter II – information about the owner (number of persons who can dispose of the property, users’ rights)
  • Chapter III – information on rights and claims (this chapter contains data on a possible bailiff’s execution)
  • Chapter IV – information on mortgages (data on mortgage encumbrance, amount of mortgage, etc.)

A flat without a land and mortgage register

A flat without a land and mortgage register

Buying an apartment without a land and mortgage register should be a well-thought-out decision, requiring caution and a thorough analysis of documents, including the legal status. Although buying real estate without a land and mortgage register is much riskier, it allows us, for example, to negotiate prices.

It is worth noting, however, that such a transaction will require a much larger number of formalities, hence – the procedure will be more time-consuming.

If you want to purchase a flat with a loan, you must remember that the customer will have to bear the higher costs of bridging insurance, which is a security for the bank until it is entered into the mortgage. When this process takes longer than usual, the cost of such insurance will also be higher.

Buying an apartment without a land and mortgage register – mortgage

Buying an apartment without a land and mortgage register - mortgage

The vast majority of flats without land and mortgage registers are cooperative-ownership properties. Do you want to buy a private flat without a land and mortgage register, but you don’t know how to check whether the person claiming to be the owner really is? You can ask the owner for a notarial deed or use a court decision or administrative decision based on which he obtained the right to the property.

After determining who the owner is or how many of them are if the property is jointly owned, you should ask him for a certificate that will constitute the right to establish a land and mortgage register. This certificate should include the following data:

  1. information about the owner
  2. property address details
  3. land data (registration number)
  4. detailed property plan (area, number of rooms, toilets, bathrooms, information about having a parking space or garage)
  5. certificate of no land and mortgage register and certificate of no contraindications to its establishment (important: both certificates should be signed by a person authorized to issue such a certificate)
  6. certificate of non-payment of maintenance fees
  7. confirmation of the purpose of the certificate – information that the document will be used to establish the land and mortgage register.

Can we get a credit for a property bought abroad?

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Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece … the countries where the sun reigns supreme attract French investors over 60, anxious to retire in a pleasant environment.

European capitals are also popular for buying a second home: for the same budget, in Berlin or Vienna, a French buyer can become the proud owner of an apartment twice as large as in Paris. A great enthusiasm that must, however, be mastered and properly orchestrated to avoid any disappointments.

What is the real estate environment of the destination country?

What is the real estate environment of the destination country?

The law applicable to the sales contract is that of the country of purchase. Just like the civil rules relating to property, sharing, taxation… Note that if the property purchase is intended for rental, the provisions linked to the collection of rent depend directly on the agreement between the country in question and France.

Therefore, it is imperative to be well informed before any purchase. For example, in Thailand, foreigners can only buy a house. Land ownership is reserved exclusively for nationals of the country.

Note that some countries require authorization and / or payment of a tax, following a purchase on their territory. It is also necessary to collect information on the procedures related to the resale of the good in question: the procedures of repatriation of the capital, the transfer of the currencies…

In which country is it better to borrow?

In which country is it better to borrow?

To finance this purchase abroad, it is quite possible to go through a foreign bank. It is therefore important to learn about the regulations around credit. For example, certain foreign organizations will not accept to finance you, if your income is collected in France; others will not allow early repayment before 10 years of borrowing, etc.

The advantage of favoring a French bank for this type of transaction is to benefit from the Scrivener on the protection of borrowers. Not to mention that its requirements in terms of personal contribution are often significantly lower than those of foreign banks (30%).

If the protection of borrowers is better in France, the granting of a loan to buy property abroad is not easy. French organizations imperatively needing a solid guarantee. Consequently, few banks agree to finance this kind of operation …

What guarantees can they ask for?

What guarantees can they ask for?

As French banks will not accept to build a loan on the basis of a mortgage on a property abroad, it is necessary to be able to present them with guarantees on French soil, to hope to obtain a loan offer:

A mortgage on a property in France. Note that if it is already the subject of a mortgage registration, it is possible to take a second mortgage, under certain conditions.

A pledge. Pledging a placement contract as a guarantee can also provide the security sought by French banks.

If the surety companies can lend a hand to investors of property on French soil, most of them will not accept to finance a property abroad and Good Credit, in any case. However, a personal deposit from a family member can supplement a guarantee.

If the purchase of real estate abroad can present many attractions, it is absolutely necessary to use a professional, to properly supervise this operation. The broker will be able to question his banking partners simultaneously. He will know which bank is most likely to accept the file. He will be able to accompany you by bringing you the answers to the notary’s questions, but also will enlighten you on the regulations associated with this purchase.

Is it possible to get a loan immediately? Perhaps within an hour?

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Loan Yes, the possibility to get a loan within an hour is a matter of course. Everything is done online within 5 to 15 minutes, usually in half an hour at the branch.

Whether you are an existing client of Don Brent Money Bank or your first meeting, you can apply for a loan immediately. The process is even faster when you have all the documents you need.

To handle the loan immediately have at hand:

  • National identity card and second identity document (eg driving license or passport)
  • Original Confirmation of the amount of income from the employer on this form
  • Contact information about your employer

As a self-employed or pensioner, you do not have to get a confirmation of income. Instead, you will need your tax return (for business) or your pension bill (for retirement) .

We can handle the loan application smoothly within an hour. We can do it much faster by keeping your employer and bank information up to date . Or if you have your payout periodically sent to your GreatMoney Money Bank account instead of securing documents.

Both cases can be fulfilled in advance by a legal obligation to prove your income and you will avoid obtaining a signed income statement form with your employer. Loan within an hour will be easier. Thanks to up-to-date information about your employer and income, it can even be arranged in the Smart Bank app in 5 minutes .

However, document uploads and updates are available throughout the process. You can do this online, for example, through the Internet Bank interface, where everything takes about 10-15 minutes. You can also use our secure web form, which will guide you through the application within a quarter of an hour, while reliably protecting your information.


Loan within an hour and for anything

Loan within an hour and for anything

Arrange a loan within an hour online and at no charge. You can arrange our Express loan online in a few minutes . In addition, you do not pay any fees when you negotiate online. If you prefer a personal meeting, come to one of our branches, we will be happy to discuss everything with you and answer any questions.

When processing a loan at our branch, the entire process takes about half an hour and we ask you to pay a fee of USD 1,295. Get everything done online faster and free of charge.

The money will arrive to the account held with us within five minutes of signing the contract . If you do not have an account with us yet, it does not matter, we will arrange it for you during the loan processing. You can then use the money for anything you want. The loan also boasts flexibility – you can repay it at any time.


The speed of negotiation sometimes affects the amount

money loan

For successful loan processing within 24 hours, please keep in mind that for amounts over USD 500,000, we need to meet with your co-applicant personally at the branch . For spouses, bring a partner. In other cases, a co-applicant may be a relative or a friend. The spouses also have to prove their partner’s consent if they borrow more than USD 500,000 .