Tests & experiences on the top credit cards.

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Credit card providers advertise their product

Credit card providers advertise their product

Like any other company, credit card issuers want to sell their product. Your own credit cards are presented in the best light, and above all the positive properties are highlighted. The consumer should be encouraged to buy or order the credit card. However, it is difficult for those interested in credit cards to make a balanced decision on this basis.

After all, thanks to the credit card issuer’s advertising, he knows only the best features of the product. Customer testimonials often convey a much more realistic picture. Not only the best aspects of a credit card are reported here, critical points are also addressed. Based on honest reviews, consumers can better weigh which credit card fits their own ideas.

How user-friendly is the credit card?

How user-friendly is the credit card?

Testimonials and reviews from other credit card users also help to get a feel for what to look for when choosing a credit card. Those who have never used a credit card may not know what criteria are important when choosing a credit card offer. So in important questions when choosing a credit card, for example:

  • Can the credit card be used abroad?
  • Are there any fees involved?
  • Will there be any fees at all?
  • Are there any special services that make the respective offer more attractive?

Testimonials are essential if you want to make the right decision with the wide range of credit cards on offer. Many credit card features only become apparent when the card is used every day. Benefit from the experiences of others or share your experiences and thus help others in their decision.

Objective and subjective decision criteria

Objective and subjective decision criteria

In an objective credit card comparison, the properties of credit cards from different issuers are compared. Such a comparison is important to get an overview of the various offers and to find out which criteria play a role in credit card comparison.

These tests are based on the objective criteria, which the credit card issuer must make transparent for every interested party. Subjective testimonials from people who actually hold the respective credit card can give a completely different insight. Perhaps the customer service of the issuer proves to be particularly helpful and customer-friendly in the daily handling of the credit card.

Or there is a special bonus program that brings many advantages. Conversely, negative aspects can only become apparent in everyday use. Whether positive or negative, testimonials illuminate credit cards from every side.

This is what credit card tests offer

This is what credit card tests offer

Unlike a subjective report, a credit card test compares objective criteria. Depending on the test, these criteria include, for example, credit card fees, the possibility of withdrawing cash and the card type.

An objective credit card comparison also provides information about whether the respective credit card can only be used in connection with a checking account. Some credit cards are linked to the opening of a current account with the issuer. If you don’t want to open a new current account, you can use a credit card comparison to filter all credit card offers without an associated current account.

Find the right credit card for every situation

Find the right credit card for every situation

User reviews from other users will also help you find the credit card that best suits your situation. A student usually has different credit card requirements than an entrepreneur who is regularly on a business trip. Based on the experiences of other users who are in a similar situation to you, you can check whether the respective credit card meets all your requirements.

Objective tests and subjective experience reports complement each other. Both comparison options offer you a solid basis for deciding on a specific credit card offer. Credit card tests provide information about fees and the use of a credit card abroad, and experience reports provide information about how user-friendly a credit card really is in everyday life. To make the right decision for your situation, you need objective and subjective aspects.

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Family loans – a good customer always in fashion

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Family Loans from Krakow are not a product that we meet at every corner. Does the mere fact that Family Loans come from the former Polish capital change something in the product itself?

Describing the products of loan companies is not something that our portal devotes too much time to. However, the world of finance is changing, and so are the loans. These are more and more companies struggling for customers mainly by ease of access, not turning a blind eye to their credit history problems. Family loans are a good opportunity to show that payday loans also openly target a “better” customer.

It is also a response to the needs of our clients, who often ask what they should have paid attention to when taking a loan. In order not to fall into a spiral of debts. Unfortunately, they often ask only when they have to surrender.


How do family loans tempt customers with a good credit history?

How do family loans tempt customers with a good credit history?

After opening the loan page, you can easily see that the company emphasizes the benefits for a customer who can boast of a good credit history. Financial benefits. Such a customer will pay less for the loan. How much? In percentage, roughly 22% cheaper, in USD 40, cheaper than every 1000 USD. More specifically, 139 dollars instead of 179 dollars, which must be paid by a customer who cannot boast of a successful credit life so far.


Can payday pay be cheap?

Can payday pay be cheap?

Sometimes, it can be free, but never as cheap as a bank loan. This is the specifics of this product. However, we must refer to the realities. For a loan of 3,000 in the described loan after a month you will pay almost as much as in the bank after 3 months. However, if you compare it with other offers of payday loans, it turns out that it is sometimes half as much as with the competition.


If you don’t have a good history, prove it yourself.

good credit

Returning to the previously mentioned USD 40 difference. The lender has valued the risk of granting a loan to a person who is not completely reliable. Once the client proves that such fears were unfounded family loans, he would also be charged with the cost of the loan. From the second loan, the cost of granting it is the same for all customers. In addition, every customer who repays the first loan on time can count on a larger quota offer – up to USD 7,000 dollars.

Despite this, as always, we feel that incurring significant amounts that you may not pay back in a timely manner is not the best solution. It is better to reach for an installment loan and pay it back earlier.

Even if family loans show an understanding of the problem of slipping in repayment and from the second loan you can ask to postpone repayment for 15 days.

Like any company, the owner of this loan will strive for the highest possible income. He will therefore be tempted, especially if your creditworthiness is greater than the amount you applied for. It’s normal. However, it would be unwise to take advantage of this “opportunity”.


How to apply Polish family loan?

How to apply Polish family loan?

You can apply for this loan if:

  • you are a citizen of Poland;
  • you are between 19 and 71 years old;
  • you are a consumer;
  • you have an ID card, your own bank account in Poland and an active mobile phone.

Everyone can read the terms and conditions (information form) and loan rules (regulations) without any problems. It is clear from the regulations that a company registered in Krakow itself grants a loan. It is also a sensation at a time when more and more companies are resorting to brokers registered in various exotic places. The company is focused in the hands of one man. And this is not his first venture related to borrowing money.

How to sell a flat with a loan?

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For most Poles, a mortgage is the only way to finance the purchase of real estate. What to do when we want to change the dream socket for a larger one? How to sell a flat with a loan?


What to do with a mortgaged apartment?

home loan

A mortgage is a long-term commitment. We take it for 20 or 30 years and then pay it back consciously. It may happen, however, that during this time we will have to move, the family will grow or we want to live somewhere else. Some borrowers, as a result of financial problems caused eg by illness or job loss, may also no longer be able to pay off monthly installments.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to “get rid” of a mortgage and legal “escape” from repayment. We can try to transfer the mortgage to another property or sell an apartment with a loan. Regardless of which of these solutions we choose, we should remember that any changes to the contract require the bank’s approval. Hence, the first step to selling a flat charged with credit is to regulate the relationship with the lender.


Which formalities do you have to complete?

Which formalities do you have to complete?

If we want to sell an apartment with a loan, we have to communicate with the bank. The basic documents that we will have to complete include information on the current state of debt and how much credit we have to pay. Thanks to this, we’ll find out how much we will earn from selling the flat after paying off the loan. Data on the amount of debt will also be important for the potential buyer. The document issued by the bank should show consent for the one-time repayment of the entire liability. After such an operation, the bank is obliged to delete the relevant entries from the real estate mortgage. Everyone who is thinking about how to sell a flat with a loan should know that issuing these documents is not free. Fortunately, the fees charged by the bank do not exceed several dozen dollars.


The easiest with cash

money loan

How to sell a flat with a loan? It is best if the potential buyer of the premises charged with credit has cash. We will be able to repay the loan with what we get for the sale. Simple sounds? Unfortunately not entirely. It may turn out that the property has lost its value and we will get less for it than the outstanding amount.

Another difficulty is the early repayment of the loan. Do you think the bank can’t wait until you return the funds it owns? Well, the bank makes money by giving you a loan. He may charge a commission for early repayment. Therefore, before you decide to settle your commitment before the deadline, read the contract. This is where you will find information about whether the earlier repayment is charged with additional costs. These can be so high that selling a flat with a loan will cease to pay.


Mortgage on … a mortgage?

Mortgage on ... a mortgage?

The situation is much more difficult when the future buyer has no cash to buy an apartment. Polish law does not allow for taking a mortgage for a property that is already encumbered with a mortgage. Then the banks must communicate with each other and determine the order of financial operations. If they consider that changes to the contract are against their interests, they will not agree to sell the premises.

However, if the bank agrees to sell the loaned property, we will receive two documents from it. They are necessary to complete the transaction. The first is information on the current state of debt. The second is the promise, ie consent to delete the mortgage from the land and mortgage register. Of course, subject to repayment. Thus, we will “free ourselves” of credit only when we hand over the funds belonging to it to the bank. Then a new buyer of the premises can be entered into the land and mortgage register along with … a new mortgage for “his” bank.


How to sell a flat with a loan? 

house for sale

Can those who took out a loan for an apartment in dollars also sell it? Theoretically yes, however, practically such a transaction is subject to considerable risk. Even if the bank agrees to convert the loan, depending on the amount we took it, we can lose about 100,000 on it dollars. In addition, most banks will not agree to the sale of mortgaged property in a foreign currency. A certain solution is to repay part of the loan and then transfer it to another property. If the person to whom the premises belong accepts this solution, then the bank will evaluate the house that will become a new collateral. The basic condition for such a transaction is that the property cannot be indebted and its value must be greater than the outstanding amount.


Can anyone take over our loan?

Can anyone take over our loan?

An alternative to selling a flat with a dollars mortgage is that the new buyer takes over the loan. Unfortunately, since 2014, banks are required to grant loans only in the currency in which we earn, so we are unlikely to receive permission for such an operation. We can convert the loan, but as we have already mentioned, it does not pay off at all.


Sale or rent?

Sale or rent?

If we don’t know how to sell a flat with a loan, we can rent it. Rising real estate prices may mean that the fees paid by the tenant are sufficient to pay the monthly installment. This solution is recommended to people who bought an apartment located in a larger city, well communicated with its other parts. Attractive location, proximity to universities or service outlets will make finding a tenant much easier than selling a place. Then the fact of renting can be reported to the tax office. Then, after a certain period, save its profits on the income side and … apply for another loan. Obviously, we must have sufficient credit standing for it. We can also try to replace the credited apartment with one that will be more suitable for us. You should also check whether we will be affected by property sales tax.


How to sell a flat with a loan? Summary

How to sell a flat with a loan?  Summary

A flat with a loan can be sold after meeting the bank’s conditions. And you do not have to pay back the entire liability from your own funds at all. An alternative to selling is renting or exchanging premises. We may also consider transferring the loan to another property. However, we should remember that if we divorce and we have established property separation after taking out the loan, we still have to repay it.

A flat without a land and mortgage register

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Buying an apartment is one of the most important decisions for many of us. The very decision to take a mortgage must be well thought out because the repayment of the commitment is a prospect of many years. A mortgage – as the name implies – is a loan secured by a real estate mortgage. We can only put it on the land and mortgage register. It also allows us to determine the legal status of the property.

When we choose the location of interest to us, before making a purchase, we should carefully analyze who is the real owner, or whether the property is not, e.g. encumbered. It is also possible for us in the land and mortgage register. But what if the property we are interested in does not have it? Is a mortgage possible without a land and mortgage register?

Land and Mortgage Register – what is it?

Land and Mortgage Register - what is it?

Land and mortgage registers are one of the most important real estate documents – both apartments, houses, and plots. They contain the legal status of real estate and data, including owner or area. They consist of four chapters in which we distinguish:

  • Chapter I – information about the property (area, the layout of the building, access to the parking lot, etc.)
  • Chapter II – information about the owner (number of persons who can dispose of the property, users’ rights)
  • Chapter III – information on rights and claims (this chapter contains data on a possible bailiff’s execution)
  • Chapter IV – information on mortgages (data on mortgage encumbrance, amount of mortgage, etc.)

A flat without a land and mortgage register

A flat without a land and mortgage register

Buying an apartment without a land and mortgage register should be a well-thought-out decision, requiring caution and a thorough analysis of documents, including the legal status. Although buying real estate without a land and mortgage register is much riskier, it allows us, for example, to negotiate prices.

It is worth noting, however, that such a transaction will require a much larger number of formalities, hence – the procedure will be more time-consuming.

If you want to purchase a flat with a loan, you must remember that the customer will have to bear the higher costs of bridging insurance, which is a security for the bank until it is entered into the mortgage. When this process takes longer than usual, the cost of such insurance will also be higher.

Buying an apartment without a land and mortgage register – mortgage

Buying an apartment without a land and mortgage register - mortgage

The vast majority of flats without land and mortgage registers are cooperative-ownership properties. Do you want to buy a private flat without a land and mortgage register, but you don’t know how to check whether the person claiming to be the owner really is? You can ask the owner for a notarial deed or use a court decision or administrative decision based on which he obtained the right to the property.

After determining who the owner is or how many of them are if the property is jointly owned, you should ask him for a certificate that will constitute the right to establish a land and mortgage register. This certificate should include the following data:

  1. information about the owner
  2. property address details
  3. land data (registration number)
  4. detailed property plan (area, number of rooms, toilets, bathrooms, information about having a parking space or garage)
  5. certificate of no land and mortgage register and certificate of no contraindications to its establishment (important: both certificates should be signed by a person authorized to issue such a certificate)
  6. certificate of non-payment of maintenance fees
  7. confirmation of the purpose of the certificate – information that the document will be used to establish the land and mortgage register.

Can we get a credit for a property bought abroad?

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Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece … the countries where the sun reigns supreme attract French investors over 60, anxious to retire in a pleasant environment.

European capitals are also popular for buying a second home: for the same budget, in Berlin or Vienna, a French buyer can become the proud owner of an apartment twice as large as in Paris. A great enthusiasm that must, however, be mastered and properly orchestrated to avoid any disappointments.

What is the real estate environment of the destination country?

What is the real estate environment of the destination country?

The law applicable to the sales contract is that of the country of purchase. Just like the civil rules relating to property, sharing, taxation… Note that if the property purchase is intended for rental, the provisions linked to the collection of rent depend directly on the agreement between the country in question and France.

Therefore, it is imperative to be well informed before any purchase. For example, in Thailand, foreigners can only buy a house. Land ownership is reserved exclusively for nationals of the country.

Note that some countries require authorization and / or payment of a tax, following a purchase on their territory. It is also necessary to collect information on the procedures related to the resale of the good in question: the procedures of repatriation of the capital, the transfer of the currencies…

In which country is it better to borrow?

In which country is it better to borrow?

To finance this purchase abroad, it is quite possible to go through a foreign bank. It is therefore important to learn about the regulations around credit. For example, certain foreign organizations will not accept to finance you, if your income is collected in France; others will not allow early repayment before 10 years of borrowing, etc.

The advantage of favoring a French bank for this type of transaction is to benefit from the Scrivener on the protection of borrowers. Not to mention that its requirements in terms of personal contribution are often significantly lower than those of foreign banks (30%).

If the protection of borrowers is better in France, the granting of a loan to buy property abroad is not easy. French organizations imperatively needing a solid guarantee. Consequently, few banks agree to finance this kind of operation …

What guarantees can they ask for?

What guarantees can they ask for?

As French banks will not accept to build a loan on the basis of a mortgage on a property abroad, it is necessary to be able to present them with guarantees on French soil, to hope to obtain a loan offer:

A mortgage on a property in France. Note that if it is already the subject of a mortgage registration, it is possible to take a second mortgage, under certain conditions.

A pledge. Pledging a placement contract as a guarantee can also provide the security sought by French banks.

If the surety companies can lend a hand to investors of property on French soil, most of them will not accept to finance a property abroad and Good Credit, in any case. However, a personal deposit from a family member can supplement a guarantee.

If the purchase of real estate abroad can present many attractions, it is absolutely necessary to use a professional, to properly supervise this operation. The broker will be able to question his banking partners simultaneously. He will know which bank is most likely to accept the file. He will be able to accompany you by bringing you the answers to the notary’s questions, but also will enlighten you on the regulations associated with this purchase.

Is it possible to get a loan immediately? Perhaps within an hour?

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Loan Yes, the possibility to get a loan within an hour is a matter of course. Everything is done online within 5 to 15 minutes, usually in half an hour at the branch.

Whether you are an existing client of Don Brent Money Bank or your first meeting, you can apply for a loan immediately. The process is even faster when you have all the documents you need.

To handle the loan immediately have at hand:

  • National identity card and second identity document (eg driving license or passport)
  • Original Confirmation of the amount of income from the employer on this form
  • Contact information about your employer

As a self-employed or pensioner, you do not have to get a confirmation of income. Instead, you will need your tax return (for business) or your pension bill (for retirement) .

We can handle the loan application smoothly within an hour. We can do it much faster by keeping your employer and bank information up to date . Or if you have your payout periodically sent to your GreatMoney Money Bank account instead of securing documents.

Both cases can be fulfilled in advance by a legal obligation to prove your income and you will avoid obtaining a signed income statement form with your employer. Loan within an hour will be easier. Thanks to up-to-date information about your employer and income, it can even be arranged in the Smart Bank app in 5 minutes .

However, document uploads and updates are available throughout the process. You can do this online, for example, through the Internet Bank interface, where everything takes about 10-15 minutes. You can also use our secure web form, which will guide you through the application within a quarter of an hour, while reliably protecting your information.


Loan within an hour and for anything

Loan within an hour and for anything

Arrange a loan within an hour online and at no charge. You can arrange our Express loan online in a few minutes . In addition, you do not pay any fees when you negotiate online. If you prefer a personal meeting, come to one of our branches, we will be happy to discuss everything with you and answer any questions.

When processing a loan at our branch, the entire process takes about half an hour and we ask you to pay a fee of USD 1,295. Get everything done online faster and free of charge.

The money will arrive to the account held with us within five minutes of signing the contract . If you do not have an account with us yet, it does not matter, we will arrange it for you during the loan processing. You can then use the money for anything you want. The loan also boasts flexibility – you can repay it at any time.


The speed of negotiation sometimes affects the amount

money loan

For successful loan processing within 24 hours, please keep in mind that for amounts over USD 500,000, we need to meet with your co-applicant personally at the branch . For spouses, bring a partner. In other cases, a co-applicant may be a relative or a friend. The spouses also have to prove their partner’s consent if they borrow more than USD 500,000 .

How do you find the best cash loan?

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Due to the development of the non-bank institutions sector, more and more people decide to take out a loan or credit in the absence of sufficient funds for unplanned expenses. So how do you choose the best lender? Where can I find information about current offers? What to look for so that you don’t regret it later? These and other questions that bother everyone who faces such a choice will be answered below.


Specify the purpose and choose the type of loan

Specify the purpose and choose the type of loan

The activities of non-bank institutions have facilitated the possibility for us – the customers, of taking loans faster, because we can apply through the websites of the companies that grant them. The number of lenders is also increasing all the time and the payday loans they offer are becoming more and more attractive.

However, if you want to take out a loan, you must first specify your amount and purpose, which is what you want to spend it on. We shouldn’t rush when looking for the right loan for us. It is important that we look for offers that are tailored to our needs. What’s more, when deciding to take a loan, we should always use the services of proven lenders.

Parabanks usually offer installment loans and payday loans to customers. The first ones work best with financial problems or stable income. Their plus is that we can receive a higher amount than in the case of payday loans and they have a flexible repayment time – even for several months. In turn, payday loans are taken for a short period of up to 60 days.


What’s next?

money loans

Before applying for a loan, you must also read the information on the lender’s website. It is worth paying attention to the publicly available list of warnings, where a list of companies that we should avoid when wanting to take a loan and published by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority is published.

Borrowers, the most important for us are low commissions, but also security. When we apply for a loan, we also want to receive the highest amount possible. At present, non-bank institutions can lend us up to $ 2,000, and we receive the decision immediately because they require almost no certificates from us.

When we take out a loan for the first time, the main priority for us is to receive it quickly. However, if we know that we will use the payday loans more often, then it is worth considering the offers of companies that, during prolonged use of their services, guarantee their customers additional bonuses.

When using the services of non-bank institutions, it is worth knowing that they also offer installment loans.


Is it profitable to use the loan comparison service?

loan comparison

Available online loan comparison websites are a great help for those who are looking for them, because in a few minutes they enable us to put together offers of many companies without leaving home.

To find the best, we can also use public loan rankings, which present the current offer of companies. The rankings are primarily based on such data as loan terms, the maximum amount we can apply for, the time allocated for repayment and assessment of borrowers. Sometimes we can also find information about the company that offers the loans. The undeniable advantage of such rankings is the accurate collation of all the most important information that a person wanting to take out a loan needs.

It is also worth looking for information on forums that are created by people using loans, and thus learn the credible opinions of people who took them in specific companies.


Help from relatives and financial advisors

Help from relatives and financial advisors

It is also a good idea to consult with family or friends who have already taken loans. They can recommend to us the companies whose services they have used themselves and advise against loan sharks. In addition, you can also use the services of financial advisors who will offer the most favorable loan for us from the wide range of offers available. Such an expert with vast knowledge and experience will certainly be able to advise us better.


Loan Agreement

Before completing all formalities, we must read the contract and try to really understand it. In a situation where we have doubts or fragments of it arouse our anxiety, we must explain it before we sign such an agreement. Despite the fact that since 2016 the anti-usury act protects us, we still need to be careful. And after signing the contract it will simply be too late to raise objections.


Always pay attention to the APRC

cash loan

When choosing a loan, you should also pay attention to the APRC, which is the current annual interest rate on the loan, because as it turns out, the loan with the lowest interest is not always the best. But why? Because its total cost includes, in addition to the interest rate mentioned above, also commission, insurance and other aspects that are always specified in the contract. That is why the lower the APRC, the cheaper the loan will be.

It is confusing for customers to take a loan with 0% interest rate, because we often think that it will be cheaper, and it turns out that it is not at all. Institutions granting loans and credits often compensate for lower interest rate by a higher commission.


Search for free loans

free loan

Very often we also have a situation when non-bank loans are cheaper than those taken at the bank or even free. When deciding to take such a loan, we will not only have to pay interest, but even commission or insurance. Depending on whose services we use, we will be able to borrow from 1000 to 6000 dollars.

Many non-banking institutions also do not require any documents or certificates from us, unlike banks, and the decision to grant a loan is based on a loan application and ID card.

It is worth remembering, however, that only new customers who have never used the services of this company can receive free payday loans. The only condition for them not to pay any additional fees is the timely repayment of the loan on a pre-determined date.


Think before you borrow

money loan

The ease of taking out a loan and the vision of quickly repairing the home budget contribute to the fact that more and more Poles are taking it. Evidence loans are also becoming more and more popular day by day and are eagerly chosen by clients who are in a difficult financial situation and nowhere else can get a loan and by those who want to save time and avoid unnecessary formalities.

However, it should be remembered that such a decision should be carefully considered, because in the absence of repayment of the loan the consequences of our hasty can be very severe. Therefore, even before signing the contract with the lender we must be sure that we can afford it and that we can pay it back on time. To determine this, you need to analyze your home budget, ie simply summarize the receipts and cyclical expenses. Only with this information, we are able to make the right decision for us and avoid unnecessary risk and unnecessary nerves.